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About Us

Cognify develops products and solutions that tackles Africa's greatest problems by incorporating AI into institutional processes and operations. At Cognify, we believe that AI can meaningfully impact our lives and leap-frog several technological evolution stages to help Africa lead in critical economic sectors.

Our Products

Cognify is simplifying the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our daily lives by automating and abstracting the manual work required in the development of AI. We leverage on data science and analytics to harness the power of big data to drive impactful change in critical industries.


Skoolboard is an analytics-based platform that aids schools improve students’ performances, teachers' performances, and automate and re-engineer administrative processes. It also provides actionable data that aid education policy planning and drastically cuts the costs in collating and cleaning this data.


Moneta is an end-to-end platform that provides businesses and individual with self-service access to powerful open API capabilities, data enrichment services to help them access greater financial services & make smarter financial decisions. We work with fintech companies and financial service providers to drive access & inclusion.